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Earth Year 2385 (Galactic Cycle 1345)

Somewhere in the corner of known galactic civilization...

You are Lucia Lopez - a charismatic, down on her luck, ex-solider-turned-bounty-hunter.

Traveling aboard your spaceship, the Athena, you track down bounties to find an answer to a shocking curse that's been plaguing you your whole life.

Alongside you is your fun-loving, brash, nonbinary half human, half alien, partner-in-crime (and love), Zap Matters.

 And your team's resident tech expert, a robotic talking cat, Hobbes.

It's up to you, Zap, and Hobbes to journey to a city at the fringes of the Milky Way and track down the last three bounties that stand in your way of finding the answers Lucia has been seeking all her life.

And, uh, make some money along the way to pay for, well, everything else.

Kinda important too.

  • Choose from 1 of 5 unique backstories that define Lucia's past

Talk to your ship! Share a love of dance or space operas! Know the odds of outcomes! Launch yourself head long into things!

  • Experience different choices and consequences in every play through based on your chosen backstory trait

No two playthroughs are alike! The story and the characters will react depending on your backstory and choices made throughout.

  • Make decisions that define your personality as a bounty hunter and how others see you

Be dashing and suave! Be rogue and carefree! Be collected and thoughtful! Or be a mix of all three! It's up to you!

  • Branch the story in various ways based on decisions you make throughout the entire game, both big and small

Actions both big and small will affect Lucia's story along the way and some may not pay off until down the line...

  • Deepen your relationship with Zap and Hobbes through conversations that affect how they react to you

Hang out with your crew outside of missions to get know them more and shape your bond with them. Do you indulge their behavior? Push against it? Or stand back and let them do their thing?

  • Define the boundaries of your partnership with Zap from soft touches to dance-offs in the kitchen

Flirt, touch, or exchange subtle gestures with your partner-in-crime (and love) as you see fit and grow your relationship further together, whether romantically, professionally, or both!

  • Take down unique bounty targets dead or alive using your skills as a team

You'll always have the option to capture or kill a bounty target. It's up to the world to decide how to react to your methods...

  • An original, Yoko Kanno-influenced score

Because everyone loves a good jazzy tune.

  • A game you can finish in one to two sittings!

What a concept!

  • A cute cat you can pet!

Yes, you can pet Hobbes. 

  • You can download and play the demo for Bitter Silver on PC (2 GB of disk space and Widows 10 or higher recommended but Windows 7 or above should be fine!) right now! Download using the Itch.io client or extract the files from the .zip file and click the Bitter Silver Demo.exe to run.
  • We are in the process of getting a Mac version available very soon as well.
  • We are not currently in development on a mobile version. (Unless we receive funding to do so!)
  • The current demo contains the opening prologue of the game with multiple endings with an unlockable CG gallery and is 30-45 mins long for one playthrough.
  • Lookout Drive Games is currently searching for a funding/publishing partner for further development of the final game with a planned release for Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.
  • You can follow Lookout Drive Games on itch.io and subscribe to our newsletter as well as the below social media pages to stay tuned to further updates.
  • Until then, see you space cowfolk...

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Version 2

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